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blogBox 4.2.2 Update

New update available.

blogBox Version 4.1.0

The latest version of blogBox is now available for download.

This theme has gone through a major face lift to come into conformance with new requirements. Also the most recent update of WordPress (version 4.2) also caused problems with the option system, so this update resolves that.

Options are now available through the Appearance => Customize tab, an exciting new system offering live preview for many of the changes. The Contact form and associated Captcha was removed, but is now available to download as a plugin, and you will quickly be able to set up your contact form.

Take it for a spin and let me know what you think.

blogBox Download

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July 11, 2013

The latest version of blogBox is now 3.05.2. I had to make some minor changes to the theme to be able to submit it to for approval.

blogBox Version 3.0.1 Update

This site now demos blogox version 3.0.1. The new version is a significant update from version 2.0.0.

blogBox is now fully responsive. Reduce the screen size and you will see what I mean, or better yet load up the demo site on your mobile device.

blogBox has switched to the Nivo Slider. The nivo slider is a great slider offering thumbnail navigation. The home slider has expanded to offer 4 slider options and two single image options.

blogBox now supports all the post formats. You can choose to show post format icons. Post Format styles can also be changed in the blogBox Options panel. Playing around with different background colors, font colors and font types is a feature that makes the theme a lot of fun.

Tips on the Upgrade

Because the new version is a major upgrade, users are going to need to do some re-configuring of their sites:

  • Header – The header will have to be reconfigured. The header section was re-coded to give more flexibility and features to designing your header. Unfortunately you’ll have to spend a few minutes re-configuring your header.
  • Widgets – Widgets will be reset and all your widgets will be temporarily moved to the inactive widget area. You will have to drag them back to your widgetized areas.
  • The new theme includes a modified social widget. The top left header area is now widgetized so to get your social links back up there you will have to drag the social widget to that widgetized area.
Download blogBox

Welcome to blogBox

This is the site for the WordPress blogBox Theme. I developed the site to show everyone what the blogBox theme can do. So take a look around, see if you like it.

The theme is licensed under GNU General Public License so you are free to download it modify it and share it.

If you like it then, buy me a beer, a case, or even a fine bottle of wine. If you don’t like it I’d still like to hear from you, as I will steadily make improvements on the theme.

The next phase of development will be to try to get the theme approved at I’ve heard it’s pretty tough getting themes approved, so I’m sure to learn a lot through the process. So far I’m quite impressed with the organization, and I plan to be actively involved.

My own site is at I’ll be putting tutorials together on a steady basis so check it out.

Happy Coding!